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THE DROPLETS Earrings (All Sterling + $1)

THE DROPLETS Earrings (All Sterling + $1)


THE DROPLETS Morse Code earrings feature matching or mismatched, personalized Morse Code mantra(s), handcrafted with sterling silver beads and Swarovski crystals, set on a sterling silver bars, up to 3.5" long, and mounted on sterling silver earring hooks. Match mantras for a symmetrical look or mix mantras for a cool, asymm style!
Cool, Modern & Meaningful...


    Each earring is crafted on a sterling silver bar, up to 3.5" long, with sterling beads & Swarovksi crystals. Approximately 12 characters max will fit on each earring. If you would like two earrings of the same length, please choose the same mantra for each earring. If you are interested in same/similar length earrings with differing mantras on each, please contact me so we can work together on some ideas. Please note that most earring pairs with different mantras on each will result in earrings of different lengths, for a cool, asymmetrical style.


    After an order is received, I will review the requests and send a confirmation email.  Please note that not all mantras will fit onto the sterling pendant bar, as it all depends on the length of the translation into Morse Code.  If your requested mantra will not fit, I will advise, as soon as possible, and will work with you on a satisfactory alternative (i.e. a different mantra, etc.)


    All Morse & Mantra pieces are made by hand, so some variation can occur.  If you are dissatisfied with your new earrings for any reason, please contact me and I'd be happy to remake it to your liking, or refund your money after the original earrings are sent back to me. 

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