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ONYX STYLE Silk Cord Bracelets

ONYX STYLE Silk Cord Bracelets


Morse & Mantra ONYX STYLE Morse Code Bracelets are handcrafted in a drawstring style using polished black onyx stone dash and dot beads, polished snowflake obsidian stone beads as spacers & accents, and genuine German silk cord in an array of colors.

Bold, Handsome & Stately...


    After an order is received, I will review the requests and send a confirmation email.  Please note that not all mantras will fit onto a circlet, as it all depends on the length of the translation into Morse Code.  If your requested mantra will not fit, I will advise, as soon as possible, and will work with you on a satisfactory alternative (i.e. a different mantra, splitting the requested mantra onto several bracelets, which can be stacked, etc.)

    All Onyx Style circlets are crafted in an adjustable drawstring style.


    All Morse & Mantra pieces are made by hand, so some variation can occur.  If you are dissatisfied with your new bracelet for any reason, please contact me and I'd be happy to remake it to your liking, or refund your money after the original bracelet is sent back to me.  


    All Morse & Mantra bracelets are strung on genuine silk cord.  Silk is a very durable, natural material, but it is not as strong as metal.  If your bracelet happens to snap within the first 60 days of purchase, I would be happy to restring it.  Gathering up and returning original beads, if possible, is always appreciated.

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